Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who you calling a n****??? (O.P.C.)

Other People's Children

It's funny, whenever I take my children places, especially to restaurants, I get the nicest compliments. "They are so well-behaved." "I didn't know they were there." Sweet, right?

I'm proud that my children know how to act in public. It saddens me that some other people's children don't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not speaking of normal, child-like behavior. Nor am I referring to infant and toddler behaviors. My children are 7, 9 and 12. I expect them to use table manners, appropriate language and inside voices when dining.

There are certain places I usually avoid eating in because they attract a "certain type" of crowd. I prefer to avoid trouble. I don't wish to fight and argue over petty stuff. It's not in my nature, beneath me, I'd say.

But in light of this recession, I took a particular buffet spot up on their e-club offer. I received a coupon for a free buffet for joining. They also have a kids eat for $1.99 deal after 4pm Monday though Saturdays but I digress.

We visited our closest location. As my husband and I were filling our plates, (the children beat us back to the table) a group of young boys, around 6 through 10 years of age), walk past our table and called my 12-year-old "The N Word." When we returned to the table, she was visibly upset. As she explained what happened, we thought of going over and speaking to the parents. I looked over and realized, there were no parents present. They were accompanied by what seemed to be an older sister who was encouraging the behavior. I decided there was no point in addressing this group of "children" as they were being asked to leave anyway.

Somedays, it really bothers me to encounter these types of people. I wonder about some of their parents. In my time working with children, I've found so many parents who are comfortable with these types of behaviors. They are also the first to say "my child was a good child."

I really just don't know.

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