Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sometimes, I wonder

To be honest, this whole Michael Vick controversy put some things into perspective. I'm not saying I agree with what he did, not at all. I do, however, deem people more important. I may be wrong but that's my thought.

So here's my issue. I spoke to a young lady who works for a business I frequent. I told her about an idea for the business to give back to the community and it's people. Don't get me wrong, I know some businesses don't care to give back but this place is always spouting about saving whales and the rainforest trees, etc. I thought, hey, why not give back to the homeless shelter within walking distance of the business and help out other human beings who currently can't help themsemves? My idea was not even going to come out of the stores profits.

My idea: Have a promotion for customers to bring an unwrapped school supply. Give a coupon/voucher or gift for customers who do so as well as spend an amount in the range of $20 - $30.

This business has promotions where they give free gifts with a $50 purchase regularly. I was just trying to add to that by offering them a chance to help PEOPLE as well as their other ventures.

I know I'm babbling. They liked the idea but were unwilling to use it. I'm not upset with the decision but I am a bit hurt. I hurt for the people who could have benefitted from the idea.

I listen to sports radio and I hear people saying how awful Mike Vick is for what he did to those dogs but no one makes a big deal of the senseless murders that have occurred. Maybe I'm not understanding. It seems that we are valuing our pets over our people. The man did his time, let him restart his life.

I tie these things in together because it makes sense to me that way. I know some won't understand. As I told my children, if our pet were injured or murdered, I would be very hurt. But if my children were injured or murdered, I would be devastated. That's just my feeling on all of this.

It really makes me wonder. Are animals and trees more important, less important or equally important than people? If equal, why do we eat them? Just my thoughts...


  1. I don't seem them as "equal" because God gave man dominion over animals. But I guess it depends on what you believe. However, I do believe that animals and plants are just as important. I think Mike Vick was wrong, but I have heard of cases where people have raped and tortured children and have gotten less time. I think his sentence was unfair and the justice system is messed up.

  2. That is my point exactly Steph. I'm sick of the unfairness in it all.