Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day in the life...

...of a homeschooling family :)

Some days learning opportunities just fall into our laps.
On Friday, we decided to take a trip to our local zoo. We recently joined and thought it would be a nice outting on a not so hot day.

We arrived at the McNeil Avian Center which is a new habitat. It was wonderful. I learned, I mean...we learned about bird migration. Some birds don't migrate, some do. Some go farther than others. It was interesting. Our children were on the edge of their seats listening and watching this 14 minute video. There was so much information and it was told in a way to keep the younger children engaged. I loved it.

From there, we walked into the bird habitats. There was one called the African Savanna, another was called the Tropical Rainforest. All around us were birds of all sizes, shapes and colors. It was a bird lovers paradise. Check it out!

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