Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shhh! It's a secret.

It's not good to share secrets but I'll share this one with you (just this once).
Thee Denim Debutante is doing a NAEM denim giveaway!
I know, you have to keep this secret. I NEED to win these jeans. Their styles are hot and they quoted Mighty Mos in their blog. You know I liked that.
What was that you say? I haven't given the link? Well, since this IS our secret.

Denim Debutante

Ok, keep this secret. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Cause Shoppe

The Cause Shoppe is a socially-conscious online shop that features products designed to benefit charities that support our local and global communities.

Most of us enjoy shopping but how many of us consider where our money goes? At the Cause Shoppe, you can search by shopping categories or charity you would like to support. When you make a purchase, proceeds go to the charity of your choice as well as a portion going to The Cause Shoppe's choice charities. You are making socially-conscious purchases and the benefits are endless.

At the moment, there is a gift card giveaway going on. Visit: Giveaway for details.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have you heard?

There's a great new giveaway going on at Wishing Penny!

In honor of Earth Day and all things eco-friendly, there is a Sprout Watch giveaway. There will be three winners and anyone wanting more info about Sprout Watches should head over to check it out!

Me, well, I'd love to win. This time, it wouldn't be for myself. There is someone very special to me that I would love to give a Sprout Watch. This wonderful person has been with me through times, good and bad and still loves me. I would be grateful to give this prize to someone so loving.

Wish me luck!