Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, what now?

There are so many things I wanted to tackle today. I wanted to share my thoughts but I can't seem to get them straight.
In the forefront of my mind is the negativity going on over Twitter parties. I stopped attending them some time ago. I began participating again during the holiday season in hopes of winning some holiday prizes and gifts for the family. I've come to see there are many people who are tripping over not winning.
I know I've said before, we just can't win them all but when adults begin to throw tantrums like children, call others cheaters and accuse party hostesses of favoritism with NO proof, things are just getting ridiculous. It makes me not want to enter.
I was accused of cheating more than once, always by strangers. People who are upset that I won a prize they felt they deserved so I know exactly how it feels to be accused. I admit, I have little faith in and feel leery about a few hostesses but that just means, without proof, the best thing I can do is avoid those parties.
Which leads me back to the accusations. They are hurtful and usually unfounded. Anyone who tweets contests knows there is always someone copying your tweets, whether we realize it or not. So saying all of these accounts have the same tweets does not mean I own all of them. It only means, people see me as someone who knows where to find the best contest :P
I know I'm babbling. I'm very tired from it all. I don't like to see friends wrongfully accused. Nor do I like to accuse anyone of anything I can't prove. All of the negativity must cease.
Can't we all just get along?


  1. Totally agree sweetie love your blog!

  2. Thanks love! I just want to keep things on a positive note.

  3. Your awesome Ty, but people don't want to get along unless they can win everything they think is some how owed to them. There is a group of NASTY women on twitter that have been there since the beginning and are unhappy with the way twitter has grown. They are used to winning everything and are now unhappy that they have to share! To much greed!

  4. There are new ones as well who are following with that old pattern. It is sad and I will not be a part of it. Misery loves company and hate breeds hate.
    I've made some wonderful friends since joining Twitter, you included, everyone who wants to bring negativity can stay out of my way. I cannot be bothered.

  5. People sure have a lot of nerve! I think that in person they wouldn't say crap if they had a mouth full(as my mother would say but in stronger words! LOL) People hide behind the internet. They become internet bully's because there is no face value. They say things they would not normally say. They can be their TRUE COLOR'S and then just turn off the computer. So many people are so ugly on the inside! My mom used to say, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck! So if one acts ugly, they are ugly! I have found a hand full of real friends on twitter, friends I would and do visit. You being one of them. If I am ever in Pittsburgh to watch our favorite football team play, I would love to come see you. If I am ever way up north I would love to visit the lovely Bikerblue. I am seeing my friend Savings2Share in a couple months. You were all definitely worth finding on twitter.

  6. And if any of you go to Disenyland, you are all so welcome to stay at my house. I am home alone most of the time so I have unoccupied bedrooms as well as a brand new travel trailer that sleeps 9. You are alway's welcome! And I know where to get 1 day hopper passes for $55 a day! *;)

  7. I agree with you Ty 100%!! I have been having so much anxiety lately when I go on twitter! I'm so tired of all the greed and complaining on there. I dont understand how people think they have the right to tell you how many ipads or laptops you can win. People should be thankful instead of all the criticizing of the people and companies with no proof in hand.

    I am not a fan of drama and avoid it at all means but it seems too many on twitter lately have been indulging in it. I find it very sad to see how they are all acting and certainly have no desire to be a part of it. I feel if I am meant to win then I will and if not that's okay. There are plenty of contests out there & if I never win another one again I still have been very blessed with what I have won and most importantly my family.

    Life is to too short... we all just need to live, laugh and love!! :)

  8. I feel the same Jacqueline! If you're ever in the area, you are welcome here. These internet antics give us a glimpse of their true selves and I agree, ugly is ugly.
    Tami, I haven't been chatting much lately because I just want to get on, tweet and get back off. My life is hectic enough without internet drama trying to invade. None of us are owed anything. We get what we are meant to have. I am grateful for all my wins and if I never win again, I've had a lot of fun. That's what matters to me. No one can tell me what I should or should not have. I don;t think I ever got over the Taco **** accusation. That hurt me to the core. But I am not one to give up easily and I keep pressing forward.
    Good luck to you ladies!

  9. I agree Ty & have been trying to do fast tweeting myself & getting off! Too much drama and more importantly takes away from my family time! Best of luck to you both also!