Friday, January 21, 2011

I've been hearing for the past few days there is a tampon shortage from New York to Philadelphia. My first reaction is to giggle like a school kid. It seems to be a serious matter though, as some women are paying up to $100 for a box.

Apparently there was a disruption of production this past Fall at O.B. I am hoping this is resolved but also hope women know these products are available online. $100 is a bit ridiculous for tampons, IMO.

This was just too weird and funny not to share. Any thoughts?


  1. I never heard of this! I was wondering why the divacup facebook page was saying 'dont' worry ob users, we got you covered'! lol.
    That's so interesting.
    I haven't purchased tampons in a few years. Lucky me, I keep getting them as product test. I am about to switch to the diva cup that way I don't have to worry about pads or tampons anymore.

  2. What is a Divacup? Hmmm...I have to look into that. Thanks!