Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

I've been thinking back on when I met my first love. I can't say that I remember the particular day or even the individual but I can remember the time and how I felt.

I was filled with excitement, music was in the air and I was loving it. I was a young girl filled with big dreams. I just wanted to know everything there was to know.

As time wore on my love grew stronger. But there is one moment that stands out in my mind. It was when I heard her voice. She gave me a new sense of joy. It was not because she was the first, but she was only 14 when I heard her. I was a little younger but, I thought it was the coolest thing to hear a girl rock the mic. I bought the record and wore it out. This lady is one of my idols!

Some things never change. Hip hop will always be my first love.

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