Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School is cool

Three days into the school year and I am tired but happy. I LIKE being a part of my children's learning. I enjoy doing lessons with them.

Today, our seventh grader had to do a powerpoint for homework. It was her first time so, of course, I wanted to learn the technology as well. Powerpoint is very simple. We enjoyed putting her presentation together. It would have taken less time if it hadn't kept crashing.

All in all, I am content with being back to school. I was very anxious on day one but teaching is like second nature to me, I thrive in this.

My body just needs to get back on schedule with this early morning lifestyle. LOL. I was nodding during some of our sessions. Luckily, cyberschooling creates independence in learners. Our 4th and 7th graders can do most of their work alone. Honestly, the 2nd grader probably could as well, but Mommy is not ready to let her grow up too soon. She's my baby!

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