Monday, September 7, 2009

First week blues

Even the cat benefits :)

Our first week of schooling has passed and I am so exhausted. I feel emotionally bankrupt. There have been too many things coming into play too quickly. I just need some space to breathe. Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury, as I am the primary academic coach here. I just need to pull it together and focus on what needs to be done. If I can put everything else out of my mind, I'll be fine.

Anyways, homeschooling is the best. I can't wait until I can set everyone up in the dining room at the table. That was our plan for this school year. Currently, we have a pest issue. The nieghbors moved out and left their cat in the basement riddled with fleas. Terminix will rescue us really soon. Till then, we are maintaining by working upstairs. Ugh @ people sometimes but that really is another blog for another day.


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