Monday, February 21, 2011

Soda Stream Giveaway!

I've been excitedly saving up Amazon dollars in hopes of treating myself to a Soda Stream! If you've not heard of this wonderful device, you are living under a rock, under a rock.

All who know me understand I have a serious soda addiction that I have been trying to kick for a few years now. Well, the Soda Stream allows you to make healthier sparkling water and sodas as an alternative for people like me. I also love that this is a truly "green" machine because it uses no batteries or electricity.

In my quest to earn one, I've also been entering many contests in hopes of winning this device. Lo and behold, I find New Age Mama is giving away a Soda Stream! How awesome is that? I would really love to win this device! You, too can take your chance at winning by following the link and entering yourself!

For more information about Soda Stream click the link.

Good luck!

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