Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Up?

What have I been up to? Well, for all intentions and purposes, I got all dolled up for a night on the town with the man (DH), made our way to a nice club to hang out around 9 pm and nothing at all was going on. LOL. We thought we'd wait around an hour but still...nothing. So we headed back to get our little ladies. Truth be told, I was exhausted from lack of sleep the night before so it was fine with me.
It seems like we had so many free and outdoor activities planned for this week and all I see is rain! Ugh!
On another note, my uncle is home from the hospital. He is heavily medicated but very aware of who is coming and going. My family and I have been by to see him for the past two days.
I surprised my grandmom with some KFC cuz she loves their chicken like MJ did. I thought she deserved a smile. She does so much for everyone and now she has to take care of her son. It's gotta be crazy for a parent to see her child in this state and know she may outlive him. I think that's a parent's nightmare.
A beautiful thing I thought to share with my grandmom's neighbors was how much I appreciated growing up there, on that block. Unlike where we live now, I always felt as if everyone on the block was family. Everyone knew us and looked out for us. If I ever came home and for some strange reason no one was there, I could always go to a neighbor's house. We were all like a close-knit family. Whatever happened to those days? I really do miss that.


  1. hi ty! it is raining here too, steady and heavy all day, and we have done nothing like summer fun! x

  2. I think I'll do makeovers tonight with my lil ladies. We have a few facials we picked up at Lush. That'll keep them entertained for a bit. LOL.