Monday, April 4, 2011

It's my baby's birthday!

Today is my sweetness's birthday! I am excited! He has been with us for nearly two years now and brightens my every day.

It's funny, as a kid, I never wanted a pet. As a mother, I was hoping my kids would feel the same. LOL! I was wrong but I am okay with it. Over time, they did a lot of research and learned as much as they could about cats.

When we decided to adopt, we visited our local animal shelter online and checked out what they had to offer. Never in my life did I think we would choose the cat we chose. I was hoping to get a kitten but came to realize my kids were much to mellow for one.

Our little guy is four years old today and we could not be more happy that he chose us.

Here he is in his new birthday cat tree:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lord Orochimaru-sama (The name I want to change his to but no one will agree)

Enjoy your week friends!

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