Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm not one to toot my own horn but...

...Fabulous Savings asked, "what makes me fabulous?"

I can go on for days about the many things (as I am told) that make me fabulous but I like to keep things simple. In one word, my dedication. My love for my family is the reason I left my job of 14 years. I wanted to offer my children bigger and better opportunities in this life. I am a proud homeschooling parent of three. I left everything I knew and loved behind for my lovely ladies. My dedication to seeing them become intelligent, independent women that not only I can be proud of but who will have pride in themselves, is what I see as my greatest and most fabulous trait!


  1. I am Fabulous for all the volunteer work I do. Taking care of my kids the way I do.

  2. I am fabulous because I accept myself for who I am and am comfortable in my own skin. I spend time listening to my family and friends rather than tooting my own horn. Being fabulous is a judgment better made by those around me than my own self judgment! Wisdom comes with age not self adulationl.