Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slooooow Dooooown

These past two weeks have been crazy hectic. I am a bit of a procrastinator and in an effort to break that nasty, little habit, I have been pushing myself to work ahead of schedule. In doing so, I have been driving the whole family mad. LOL. But, so far, we are ahead of schedule.

The last minute call came in that the semester would be ending on Friday and, again, I had to push to make sure everything was done and turned in on time. I drove myself batty on this. In the end, I am hoping everything was taken care of and nothing was missed.

One thing I made sure to find time for, outside of my lovely children, is twitter. I have been enjoying myself attending tweetchat parties and such. It's a cool networking tool, where I can hang out and have conversations with other moms, something I can't do where I live. There are a lot of people in our neighborhood, but not many I can relate to or get along with, I guess is the best way to put it.

I've also won some cool prizes via twitter. I won a superfly hat from via the Organic Girl blog (button to the right)
I also won a super sexy purse from via the Wishing Penny blog (button to the right) I cannot wait for the purse. They have asked me to send a photo when I get it for them to post on their blog.
Ah, and how can I forget, anyone who has my hotmail address received an email about sent out. My daughter and I were featured at the end of the email. We will receive a You're a Star gift box. She and I are both excited as Lush is our favorite shop on the planet. We have entered many of their contests but never won.

Anyhoo, I wanted to catch up and keep you guys updated on my so-called life.
At the moment I am boiling a pot of collard greens and preparing a baked make and cheese. Yum!

Gotta go!

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  1. Winning stuff is awesome!! LOL. That's what's up.