Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sayonara 2009

I am not the first to say this but I am GLAD to see this year end. This year was crazy for me in so many ways. While people were assuming they knew, they truly had NO idea.

The death toll this year was more than I could bear. By the end of October my failing health took a wrong turn. I'd been trying for a long time just to maintain myself but it all caught up to me.

There were so many petty things going on and petty people trying to get me down throughout the year but nothing bothered me until my uncle became ill. Soon after, my paternal grandmother passed away... and so on. It was crazy, hectic and confusing at times.

One thing I know I will take into 2010: Don't sweat the petty stuff. I never have and never will. Outside forces rarely bother me and I won't allow them to start.
My kids come first, then me. Everyone else falls in line. If it doesn't affect me or them...I ain't affected.

For the few who thought they would defeat me these past few years: Give up already. You only make yourself look as stupid as you truly must feel. Am I really worth all the trouble. I wasn't hurt then and I am not hurting now. Just get over me. Get your mind and life right. I forgive you. Forgive yourself.

Biggest thing I learned: Forgive myself. I am not the reason why others are unhappy, they are. And I cannot be expected to fix everyone's problems. It starts with them. If they wanna fix it, they will. Stop expecting me to do it for you.

Adios 2009! I am looking forward to a better year because I am going to MAKE a better year. 2010, look out. I am on my way!

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