Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The birthday blog

It was my intention to do the birthday blog yesterday as I do every year. Usually, I focus on the things I wish to change. This time the only thing I've changed is my mind. I'm content with who I am. If you are not, work on that. I have and I did.
I'm moving forward with or without whomever. I have nothing but high expectations of myself in everything I do. I will succeed. I will be happy and healthy this coming year. I will keep my priorities straight as needed. I recognize that my priorities may not be the same as others. If we are not on the same page, mine are mine. Do you.
My prime focus is my children's education. They will continue to exceed expectations, as will I.
I feel I am a year older, a year wiser. While other's are trying to remain stranded in the past (30 is the new 20) I'm steadily moving forward. At 34, I should not be making the choices I made at 24.
I feel good about myself, my accomplishments and my goals.
I shall will it all to be.

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